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Baja Charters was declared the Charter Company of the Year in Baja Sur. Baja Sur is the Mexican state that includes the tourist destinations of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos, Los Barillas, and La Paz. La Paz is the state capital, located on the inside Sea of Cortez, where our yachts are based. We provide ground transportation to your chartered yacht at no charge from hotels and resorts from any of the cities listed above.

Baja Charters provides outstanding yachts with great personal service for Pre-Wedding, or Post Wedding Parties. We can do your actual Wedding on board, on a beach, or as a private party in our own waterfront bar and restaurant: Captains Sunset Bar. We can also help you arrange resort accommodations if you wish. The La Paz area is considerably less expensive than the Cabo San Lucas area.

Why La Paz instead of Cabo?

There are many more options for yacht charters from La Paz. There are multiple, quiet beaches, bays, and coves to visit within a half-day private charter. There are numerous uninhabited remote islands within the range of a one-day private charter. Virtually all the islands in the region are uninhabited and under federal protection. This sub-set of the Pacific Ocean is widely considered one of the most biologically diverse marine areas on earth. Unblemished by pollution, incredibly alive with sea life, and staggeringly beautiful.
La Paz is the gateway for cruising the “World's Aquarium”, so named by the famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. It is an important breeding ground for sea birds, sea lions, marine turtles, whales, dolphins, and mobula rays. Nine whale species ply the stunning crystal blue waters that are also home to 22 species of dolphin, and 5 turtle species. This magnificent oceanic inland sea is home to 30% of the world's marine mammals, and 39.6% of the world's fish species.

Guest Count?

Our licensed maximum guests on our large and spacious sailing catamaran is 30. Our licensed maximum on our triple-deck 96’ adventure yacht is 50 guests. We can combine these two yachts for a total of 80 guests on the water and we have additional boats as needed. We can transport more guests if your wedding is on a remote white sand beach. We also have available multi-day wedding cruises including glamping on a remote island to a maximum of 15 guests. (Click here). There are lots of options to choose from, but to begin with let’s determine whether you prefer a sailing catamaran (Click here) or an adventure yacht (Click here).

We provide ground transportation from hotels and resorts daily from Cabo San Lucas, the Corridor, San Jose del Cabo, Pescadero and Todos Santos direct to our yachts and back. We routinely provide cruising, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and fishing the abundant waters of the inside sea. From underwater caves, to the dark blue of deep-water trenches, to the white sand beaches bathed in clear, turquoise water, this region is an incredible paradise. 

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